Barcelona has a fantastic gastronomic scene, ranging from the ever-popular tapas to traditional Catalan cuisine and Michelin-starred haute cuisine restaurants. This wide range is also reflected in a wide range of prices and numerous establishments.

The locals have lunch between 2 pm-3 pm, and dinner between 9 pm-10 pm; however, it is possible to eat at any time of the day in the city. Most accommodation in Barcelona offers a breakfast option, but it is also fun to get breakfast in one of the city’s many cafés, patisseries and local or municipal markets where you can find sweets and pastries as well as traditional main dishes. The options are fantastic.

There are effective resources and searches you can use to find restaurants and bars in the city that best suit your tastes. Another good option is to ask locals where they recommend to eat.


Bon appetit!!


At Barcelona TAG you’ll find in each of the routes information about some restaurants nearby where you can enjoy Catalan cuisine.