Barcelona TAG’s mission is to help people – residents and visitors alike – better understand the reality of the city we live in. For us, knowledge forms the basis for peaceful coexistence and solidarity.

As well as showing you the city’s major attractions, Barcelona TAG also suggests other routes (with geographical positioning) that feature historical, cultural and social elements to bring you closer to an ancient and contemporary society that has seen both great triumph and great suffering. Walking along these routes will bring you into contact with the city and its citizens and, so that you can really fell part of Barcelona life, we’ve drawn up a calendar of the activities (annual festivals, feasts, fairs etc.) held in each district the route passes through.

As well as providing information on each element of a route, Barcelona TAG also provides you with related information (audiovisual and documentary) and bibliographies so that you can get the most out of your visit. What’s more, you’ll have access to a notebook and photo archive so that you can record your experiences and preserve your feelings and opinions for posterity.

Enjoy your visit; we’re here to help.